Offex Pressure Laminate Top Circular Activity Table Tabletop High

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Classroom Tables > Offex Circular Activity Table Tabletop. Manufacturered by Offex.

The warp resistant high pressure laminate rectangular activity has a. top a high pressure laminate work surface. rectangular high pressure laminate activity long no mar, no burn, no stain work.

Trapezoidal Activity Table Tabletop Extraordinary for students of any age, trapezoid s arranged in configurations to accommodate any space.
Adjustable Rectangular Activity Table Tabletop Box thermo fused adjus rectangular activity with book boxes is for the , playroom, or home environment.
Trapezoidal Activity Table Activity s to withstand the daily rigors of a or daycare environment. The thermo fused melamine tops
L Activity Table L horseshoe activity long no mar, no burn, no stain work surface that is for from computers to projects
L Shaped Activity Table Tabletop Warp resistant thermal fused laminate horseshoe activity has a. top a thermally fused laminate work surface.
Activity Table The has a. top a thermal fused laminate work surface. Activity a long work surface that is for from computers
Baby Changing Table poplar baby , naturally to give baby the connection to nature from birth. Drawers plus compartment drawers
Diaper Changer Stairs Accent Colored cubbie trays pad. changer with stairs. Freckled gray laminate. Safety treads on lockable, pull