Stevens Id Systems Shelf Kit

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Highlight sellingbooks or magazines by adding a sloped shelf the slope shelved kit to any of the adjustable shelving units. The addition is installed allows you to determine the position for a sloped shelf. Cre.

Steel Case Utility Cart Case s to sterile guard specifications. has welded exterior push handles for better control interior
Ware Cart Ware . Every side of the has epoxy coated grid style shelves. Epoxy coated drip pan on bottom shelf.
Load Traction Drive Utility Cart Gate Traction drive has traction drive system for transportability. for applications with mail rooms, hospitals,
Convertible Crib The in convertible has a headboard with applique spindle rails. transitions from to junior bed to size
Convertible Crib The in convertible spindle rails leaf carvings. Both side rails are fixed will later serve as the headboard