Steffy Stove

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Play Kitchen Sets > Steffy Stove. Manufacturered by Steffy.

Stove has simulated side by side oven doors with piano hinges is sizes toddler school age to accomodate active students. Goes with hutch, sink, refrigerator side by side ove.

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Sink With a tough, plastic swivel faucet with movable knobs, surfaceplastic door handles, long plastic sink
Kitchen The step in will turn toddlers room or bedroom into their own pretend restaurant. Cook up some amusement
Stove Has smooth, safety rounded edges, plastic door handles p me not hinges. All surfaces back are percent
Table Chair Set Cushion Exceptional cushioned chair, sofa, is a seating solution for classroom top birch. Table base birch. Hardware
Sofa Unique cushioned sofa design takes advantage of corners seats children. Extraordinary for use in corners.
Crafts Table Leg Multi purpose has a mounted paper roll that pulled over the top surface a deep storage area above the
Bookcase The has adjustable shelves close drawers, for fluffy blankets decor accessories. handmade adds that to
Folding Table Gray sand laminate room service surfacesliding pull out supports. Gray sand laminate over long plywood