Omnimed Adjustable Laptop Cart

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Idealin any environment patient rooms, emergency operating rooms, radiology labs, nurses stations or wherever access to patient data images is needed. Faux cherry wood surface makes it to thermofoil.

Conferencing Cart Mount is for presentations to provide mobile video conferencing a solution. Shelf accessory must be ordered
Av Cart Laptop Shelf Flat Panels Electric Standing pull out laptop shelf for presentations. Locking cabinet to store equipment. outlet power strip.
Plant Sheet Truck In plant truck was to handle sheets linens. The reverse bottom assures that sheets remain stacked. Caster
Diaper Changer Stairs Accent Colored cubbie trays pad. changer with stairs. Freckled gray laminate. Safety treads on lockable, pull
One Folding Chair Seat Sets the for comfort in a at economical price. Made in the usa from high steel stain resistant polymers,
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